I am Here EP (sold out)

I am Here EP (sold out)

12 inch
Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am Here EP by Eran Ben-Zeev

I am here

Powerful, mesmerizing this track gets you right were in counts - in the stomach. Pulsating, it slowly seeps through and takes control and floods the whole body with a laid-back kind of urgency. Eran Ben Zeev leaves nothing to chance as each carefully placed sound is as efficient as the next, artfully winding up the tension which only a dance floor can release.


True to his stamp, Eran Ben Zeev unleashes a growling beast for Fine Food Records. At first one may be taken in by a warm, welcoming pussy cat purr which draws you in like the whispering sorceress, inspiring confidence. But be aware; do not trust the enticing, bewitching sounds or you may be lost forever in dance land!


Percussive, bouncy yet subtly dark 'Subcapsular' is like a 'Fondant au Chocolate' hot from the oven. At first the exciting smells wafer through, making your mouth water. Crispy on the outside one does not expect the sinfully rich dark hot chocolate inside. You can never get enough, you simply must have more.


Weaving through a minefield of artfully placed bass drums, the kick tries again and again to free itself from the grip of the reverb. Sometimes it wins the dance floor battle for the Crown of the Beat but also sometimes experiencing devastating loss as the bass is relentless and has vowed never to give up. It sweeps you away and gives your body to the rhythm as a sacrifice.