MiniJool is a young Swiss artist, passionate about electronic music "minimalistic" & subtle, he listened, and Analising mixed for many years.Rated instrument, he took piano lessons as a youngster. Passionate about art and especially music, he is s decided to create his own sound, and began to invest in a Mac (then those apps ..)

Working primarily on Ableton Live with x. .. plugins ..... ;-)

In 2008, Mini jool Konpiuta meeting together it creates the project "Logoree. The concept was to play live together, each with his "machine " and its loop. The duo Logoree "has played in several events in Switzerland during the year.

2009 is a year of change, the project Logoree is set aside. Mini Jool a dedicated developer techniques self-taught in his home studio.

2010 was the year of exercise and discovery, he found his bearings with the apps and started creating tracks while continuing to search for new sounds and techniques ..

2011, will be the year of the explosion!! He will start his career on the label Finefood Rec. of his dearest friends Ryan Hawkin.

He has come out full production, and work with lots of artists to always push the boundaries a little further.