From Karaoke to Stardom

Why this name, this long stupid name ? First of all it was some kind of reaction to the birth of ever growing said to be real TV, the desperate need of brainless kids to be famous, by any means necessary, without having any talent to show or story to tell. It was also a love letter to the origins of techno, music without faces and top of the pops djs. Things have changed a little but for some of us the spirit lives on.

Music in general and electronic music even more has always been a way to trip, not to escape reality but to be able to alter it for a little while. This is what i aim for when i produce or perform. I impose myself no barriers, no style, no proven recipe, no fashion of the moment. I'd rather let myself go to experimentation, surprise and imagination. Darkness and melancholy are often here and there, just to show beauty is everywhere, even in the darkest corners, You just have to know where to look or listen to.