Juliette Cazier is a young producer living in the north of France. Fascinated by all styles of music, she launched herself into electronic music after falling in love with Minus Records and artists such as; Heartthrob, Marc Houle, and Ambivalent. “Juliett” learned about the different ways to create sounds and produce music.

Now three years on since her journey began, she has already released on solid labels like: Creepy Finger Records, Hex , Frucht and Lethal Dose. Her music is dark and atmospheric, consisting of groovy rhythms and beautiful beats.

“Juliett” has already scheduled a considerable amount of projects on various labels and now also on Finefood Records with a beautiful remix on the next vinyl Ep "World 247" released soon on Deejay.de.

Building her name and reputation on a daily basis, her melodies and bass lines are currently shaking sound systems around the world.